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Fashion Police Poll: Visible bra straps – how bad are they REALLY?

Visible_bra_straps Spring has finally arrived, so it’s time for The Fashion Police to slip into our summer uniforms, which generally involve some form of vest top or camisole. The problem with this, though, is that the cut of most vests these days makes it pretty hard to hide the ol’ bra straps under them. Of course, you can always buy yourself a bra buddy, or some kind of strapless/backless bra, but say you don’t have any of these? What’s a girl to do?

What we’re trying to ask here is: how big a crime are visible bra straps, really? Do you cringe every time you see them and go to any length to avoid them, or are they just one of those things that can’t always be helped and aren’t worth worrying about?

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