Victoria Beckham wins Glamour’s Woman of the Year Award, is still a fashion criminal


Yeah, OK Victoria, we’ve noticed that your body is looking particularly toned these days. Why, I bet you could almost get your hands to meet around that teeny, tiny waist of yours! But seriously, Vic: that’s no reason to forget to wear your pants. And yes, I KNOW that technically you ARE wearing pants – there’s a little pair of sequined Gucci hotpants peeking out of the bottom of your corset, there, but we can hardly see them, so they don’t really count.

The tragedy of this is that this outfit could totally have been saved if she’d just worn a skirt rather than the hotpants. A slim, clingy pencil skirt would still have allowed her to show off her figure, without making her look like she’s been taking fashion notes from Sienna Miller.

Also, Posh? Ditch the Michael Jackson gloves. Just sayin’…


  • June 6, 2007

    ha ha

    Victoria Beckham looks so silly! She is so skinny and a pic showed her from waist down. I was wondering: ‘Is it the front,or the back?’ Which proves, you can spend thousand of pounds on designer stuff worth pounds at H&M. Only in Britain!
    This media is manipulating absolutely everything! Watch our for your little children!

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  • June 6, 2007


    this site is a joke, are you qualified to comment on fashion, every piece you consider “criminal” is at the hieght of fashion. for example what VB is wearing here she maybe to skinny blablabla but that outfit was designed by KARL LAGERFELD one of the most highly regarded fashion icons of the centuary for the fashion house CHANEL. if you think that anything about this outfit (or any of the other “criminal” clothing for that matter) is anything less than fabulous you are diluded and dont deserve the right to judge fashion

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  • June 7, 2007


    Do you mean d-e-l-u-d-e-d?
    Just because an item is designed by a celebrity designer (or even a great designer) doesn’t mean that it isn’t ugly, off the mark, or as in this case, making the wearer look like an adult movie star with no pants.
    You shouldn’t just assume that because something has a famous label it is therefore wonderful. Some things (eg haute couture) are just not meant to be worn by everyday people. You should definately beware of men with pony tails.

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  • June 7, 2007


    Haha, well said Kerry! I hate this idea that just because something is “designer” it must be wonderful.
    Mel, if you really think that “everything” this site calls a crime of fashion is so fabulous – crocs, sandals with socks, visible thongs, etc – then I’d love to see your wardrobe 🙂

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  • June 7, 2007

    The Fashion Police

    The various fashion crimes/criminals posted on this site are purely our own opinion, and are here for people to agree or disagree with them as they see fit. The world would be a very boring place if everyone just blindly agreed with what we said – almost as boring as it would be if everyone just blindly accepted that if something is designed by Lagerfeld it must automatically be nice.
    While we’re happy to have people disagree with us, though, your comments would have more credibility if you perhaps said what it is you like about Victoria’s outfit, rather than just ranting illiterately about how it’s CHANEL so it MUST be fabulous. To be honest, it just makes you sound a little silly.
    For the record, I actually like Victoria Beckham, and think she normally looks fairly stylish. But I stand by the comment that, in this case, she looks like she forget her pants.
    (Kerry – you are so right about the men with ponytails 🙂 )

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  • July 11, 2007


    Yes I totally agree, just because Karl designed it does not make it hot. It looks like a circus outfit. Maybe he was having a laugh at Victoria’s expense. All the designers think she is stupid but they want her money of course!!

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  • August 9, 2007


    you guys are absolutely right… just because a great designer designed it it’s already nice and fashionable…. can I barf now? the outfit is horrid! I don’t care if its a Chanel or a Fendi or an Armani… the point is you have to look nice WEARING it. Just because its a nice piece it doesnt make the person look nice automatically. LOL at men with pony tails 😀

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  • February 7, 2012


    I personally think she looks amazing. I’d wear this, it’s sexy!

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