Victoria Beckham to launch budget dress collection, Fashion Police rejoice

In what has to be the best news of the week so far – and possibly the entire year – The Fashion Police hears that Victoria Beckham is to launch a budget dress collection next year.

Now, just before any of you start empting out your piggy banks and getting all excited about this, let us quickly clarify that what WE consider to be a “budget” dress and what Victoria Beckham considers to be a “budget” dress is considerably different, as you’d probably imagine. We’d call it a “budget” buy if it was under £50, for instance: and ideally, if it was under £30. When you’re Victoria Beckham, however, “budget” means it’s in the £350 – £550 range. Oh.

Still, that’s still a darn sight less expensive than what you’d usually pay for a Victoria Beckham dress: they normally retail for between £3,000 – £5,000, which is why you only ever see them on celebrities and not on the woman in line behind you at Tesco, say.

According to the designer, the dresses will also look a little different from her mainline collection, and will be “less tight, clingy and structured”. Victoria says she wants the dresses to appeal to “woman and girls of all different shapes and sizes”, which is welcome news indeed.

Look out for the launch of the new collection at London Fashion Week, as part of the Spring/Summer 2012 shows. Before that, look out for the launch of the Beckham’s new daughter, who’s due on Monday, and will have one helluva closet to play dressup in when she’s a little older. (Did you ever used to try on your mother’s shoes when you were a little girl? Now imagine if your mother was Victoria Beckham…)

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