Fantasy Shopping: Victoria Beckham dresses exclusive to Net-a-Porter

Victoria Beckham dresses at Net-a-Porter

It’s no secret that The Fashion Police are huge fans of Victoria Beckham’s dress collections: simple lines, striking silhouettes, stunning colours – there’s just a lot to like, basically. (Well, except for the price, of course. There is that.)

Some of VB’s latest collection is currently available exclusively at Net-a-Porter, and we let out little sighs of longing every time we look at the images. This is basically Dress Porn: we know we’ll never be able to afford to buy them, but it’s nice to just LOOK at them, isn’t it?

That said, someone obviously is buying these. Despite the fact that the prices start at around $1,600, and the most expensive pieces won’t give you much change out of $5,000 some of these are already sold out. It’s hard to imagine having THAT much money to spend on clothes, but if we did, we’d buy the purple and blue numbers on this page. Yeah, in our dreams…

Visit Net-a-Porter to see the rest of the collection.


  • November 4, 2011


    I agree! Is it wrong to look forward to the high street versions?

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  • November 4, 2011


    Hmm…I don’t like it. It’s a relatively generic shape and color, and the high neckline with the sleeves like that only looks good on narrow body types.

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