Victoria Beckham is very orange at Project Runway


For once the word "orange" isn’t being used here to describe the colour of Victoria Beckham’s fake tan…. Nope, here’s Posh judging Project Runway, and and making very sure that no one misses her – indeed, such is the brightness of this ensemble that when we close our eyes, we can still see it, imprinted on our retinas. This seems to be part of a new style move by Victoria, who recently featured on these very pages in a neon yellow outfit, complete with matching shoes. She does like to match her glow-in-the-dark dresses to her glow-in-the-dark shoes, doesn’t she?

A quick look around the web reveals that the words most often being used to describe this outfit of Victoria’s are "Tangoed" and "Guantanamo Bay". We’re not quite sure that’s the look she was going for. How would you describe it?


  • February 11, 2008


    erm, a very orange kimono?

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  • February 11, 2008


    It looks rather like a designer prison uniform. Maybe she borrowed it from Martha Stewart?

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  • September 4, 2009


    I like the dress, even though it looks a little bit like a robe, but bright orange is such a hard color to wear, especially for a white woman! I think it clashes with her skin tone, it’s definitely not her color.
    I agree with Em! XD

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