Victoria Beckham dresses up for Heathrow Airport, plus more ‘W’ magazine pictures


Now, you just know she’s going to get out of that little black dress and heels as soon as she’s on the plane, right?

These are the times when I don’t envy celebrities one little bit. (Well, OK, maybe one little bit. Or two.) I mean, who could be bothered to get dressed up like this just to walk through an airport, and then go through it all again at the other end, to walk through another airport? Yes, folks, there are advantages to being but an ordinary person. Not many, but some. That said, Victoria does look good in her LBD. What’s with the "dressing all the kids in identical clothes" thing, though?

Meanwhile, more of those W Magazine pictures of the Beckhams have just appeared on the net. See some of them after the jump…


Hey, wait a minute – isn’t that Rene Zellweger’s dress?




  • July 13, 2007


    Well, it is not impossible to look fabulous in comforable clothing! A wonderful cashmere ensemble with silver Jimmy Choo flat ballet pumps would do!
    I remember an article in which Posh was telling that story: she was sitting next to Tom Ford on the plane to New York from London. She excused herself because she wanted to change for a track suit. He said he didn’t think she should. She took it as a joke but, she reports, he was adamant she should remain stylish during the entire trip! She said she suffered in her tight jeans the entire trip…
    If she were truly stylish, she’d pick clothes in which she could look great all the way!

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  • July 13, 2007

    The Stiletto Effect

    i can’t stand Victoria 🙁 she looks so strange and as if she is better than anyone else: kinda “look at me i’m fab”!
    though david is a hottie hehe
    great site

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  • July 14, 2007


    I love her dress sense, she looked positively fabulous in her pink number today in LA.

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