Victoria Beckham tops Mr. Blackwell’s Worst Dressed List


Poor old Victoria Beckham. She tries so hard to get it right, but according to Mr.Blackwell, who’s just published his latest Worst Dressed List, she continues to get it oh so very wrong. Victoria tops the list, making her officially the worst dressed woman of the year. Here’s the top ten in full, with our comments…

1. Victoria Beckham

You know, I sometimes think that Victoria’s habit of trying too hard (OK, make that WAY too hard) makes her an eary target when it comes to these kinds of lists. It’s all, "Ooh, she thinks she looks good – let’s knock her down!" Sure, Victoria is far from perfect, but there are worst dressed women out there, trust us. Case in point: where’s Britney in this list?

2. Amy Winehouse

I’m not sure it’s quite fair to feauture the mentally-ill on a Worst Dressed List (maybe that accounts for Britney’s non-inclusion?), but that aside, hasn’t Karl Lagerfeld just made Amy his muse? She’s been looking more like a trainwreck with each day that passes, but there’s a part of me that applauds Amy for having her own distinctive style: the beehives, eyeliner and … maybe not the ballet slippers, come to think of it … could all look good. If, you know, they were being worn by a normal person.

3. Mary Kate Olsen

No! She’s like a pretty little doll that you just want to play dress-up with. And she does. The Fashion Police still love her, even although Mr. Blackwell doesn’t.

4. Fergie

Well, you know, Fergie does her best. It’s just that her best is often totally batshit.

5. Kelly Clarkson

No arguments here.

6. Eva Green

Our eyes are still bleeding after her pink Dior moment

7. Avril Lavigne

Remember when Avril briefly got stylish, washed her hair and started wearing grown-up clothes? Didn’t she look nice? Now she’s reverted right back to type with her obnoxious, teen-angst, "lookit me, God, I’m such a rebel" style. A worthy contender for the Worst Dressed list.

8. Jessica Simpson

Jessica was on a downward spriral last year. Unfortunately, she’s still on it.

9. Lindsay Lohan

She could SO have escaped it were it not for those damn leggings…

10. Alison Arngrim

Sorry, but WHO?

What do you think of Mr. Blackwell’s list?


  • January 9, 2008


    Oh, but Jessica Simpson has made some amazing shoes!

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  • January 9, 2008

    The Fashion Police

    Jas – she does indeed, but she doesn’t design them herself I’m afraid 🙂

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  • January 10, 2008


    I love Amy Winehouse’s style, she hasn’t been looking so hot lately but she cleans up really nice (or at least she used to, downward-spiralling into addiction can be bad for the complexion, y’know?) and when she does (did?), she wears (wore?) great dresses. Also, I love people who aren’t afraid to go way OTT.

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  • December 3, 2008

    Tiffeny Glidewell

    k so i am a fashion finatic i design and sew and my whole life is fashion and i really think for ppl to say victoria beckham is the worst dressed is the most rediculous thing ive ever heard shes willing to go out on a limb and try new things shes comfortable in her own skin and she is by far a leader and trend setter not a follower i think ppl are really jealous because she can never look bad no matter what she does fashion is art and there is no exact way with art its supposed to be creative and unique at least in my opinion

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