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Versace for H&M: did you get anything?

versace for h&m

Now, don’t get us wrong: we love shopping as much as the next fashion-loving officer. But as the Versace for H&M collection “lands” today, as fashion-parlance would have it, we find ourselves not-so-secretly relieved that our local branch of H&M isn’t one of the chosen ones to be stocking this collection. (We know it’s also available online, but the site has been down every time we’ve checked it today, so…)

Here’s why:

1. The queues

If you want to be in with a decent chance of getting your pick of the stock, chances are you’ll have had to queue up for it: possibly overnight. The Fashion Police don’t queue. Or not unless we absolutely HAVE to, anyway. And honestly, as much as love H&M, the idea of sleeping rough just to get into one is still just a little bizarre to us.

2. The rules

This is not shopping as we know and love it: this shopping has RULES. This morning, H&M was allowing only 20 people at a time into the stores carrying the Versace collection. Each group of 20 had just 15 minutes in which to shop, thus turning the event into a Supermarket Sweep-style exercise in acquisition. This is something of a triumph for H&M/Versace, of course, and for the other retailers who’ve managed to turn fashion into a competitive sport (The Missoni for Target line springs to mind), persuading legions of shoppers that it’s a good idea to grab armfuls of clothes and buy them before anyone else can,  but we’re just not competitive enough to want to race other women to the checkout in order to have the same clothes as everyone else in the huge line outside the store. Shopping is not a sport: or at least, it shouldn’t be.

3. The hysteria

Let’s face it: we’re really just worried we’d get caught up in the hysteria and end up buying a pair of those palm-print jeans, just for the sake of buying SOMETHING…

That said, we do kind of love this collection (and we rarely say that about a diffusion line), so now that the H&M site is back up, we’ll be having a good old rummage. There’s a certain leather coat that looks a bit special…

What do you think about designer-diffusion lines? Do you get caught up in the excitement that surrounds them, and think it’s great that people are so enthusiastic about fashion, or do you see it as yet more evidence that the fashion world is, well, a bit mad, really?

More importantly: did you buy anything?


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