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Style Trial: Venera Arapu trompe l’oeil printed silk satin dress

Venera Arapu trompe

Venera Arapu trompe l’oeil printed silk satin dress, £292

The more we look at this, the more it messes with our minds, and makes us wonder if it’s kinda cool or kinda creepy. It’s like a designer version of one of those novelty “bikini body” aprons people sometimes wear in the kitchen, to “hilarious” effect, isn’t it? It’s also like looking at a model with four arms. Which is… interesting.

This dress is on the flimsy side as it is. Add in the “come hither” pose of the model (the one ON the dress, not the one IN the dress), and we have to wonder how you’d feel about wearing this. It’s definitely going to be an attention-getter, that’s for sure, but would you wear it? Do you like it? Is it a crime of fashion?

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