Vanity Sizing in the Fashion Industry -Who are the worst offenders?

Vanitysizing Breaking news from Planet Fashion this week as fashion retailers make an astonishing discovery: that women are not all the same shape! Gasp!

Women, of course, as The Daily Mail’s headline suggests, have known this for years now – probably forever.  Lucky is the woman who is able to walk into a store and find garments that fit her perfectly. There is no such thing as the "perfect 10" – or, indeed, the "perfect 8, 12, 16, or 0".  It’s possible to be one size in one store and a totally different size in the store next door. It makes shopping pretty tricky sometimes, and at last some sectors of the fashion world seem to waking up to the fact that their standard sizes aren’t working.

Spanish authorities are now set to abolish their standard European sizes and move instead to a system whereby garments will list the height, hip, waist and breast measurements. This is an idea which has been being mooted for quite some time now , but we’d like to know who you think the worst offenders are when it comes to vanity sizing – and who gets it right? Which stores come closet to "true" sizes, do you think, and which fall far short of the mark? Look over the jump to see what we think…

True to Size:

Mango (although leg lengths are ridiculously long in both of the Spanish chains)
Miss Selfridge
River Island

Cut Large:

French Connection
Marks and Spencer
New Look
Dorothy Perkins

Cut Small:

Due to the issues of vanity sizing, whereby stores try to "flatter" women into thinking they’re smaller than they actually are by sizing things up, it’s actually pretty tricky to find high street clothes that are cut on the small size. Small sizes tend to be found in stores aimed at teenagers, at the lower end of the price scale. These would include places like:


What do you think?

The list above is purely a reflection of our experiences when shopping for clothes. Your opinions may be different, so leave us a comment telling us what you’ll think and we’ll put together a new list pulling together the experiences of everyone who responds…

P.S. If you’re in the US… please don’t be put off by the fact that the stores listed above are mostly UK ones. This list is just a jumping off point, so we’d love to hear your opinions about the stores you shop in, and where they stand on the vanity sizing scale!

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