Screw Valentine’s Day: let’s buy some lingerie!

Two women in valentine's day bikinis

Valentine’s Day lingerie from Dirty Pretty Things

Valentine’s Day. There’s just no escaping it, is there?

Every year, as soon as Christmas is over (and actually, sometimes even BEFORE Christmas is over…) The Fashion Police inbox starts to get flooded with press releases about Valentine’s Day, which, these helpful missives inform us, is “just around the corner!” Now that the much-anticipated day actually IS just around that corner, though, we figured we should probably start paying attention to those press releases, and find out just what it is they’re trying to tell us. And what they’re trying to tell us is basically this:

1. Everyone in the world is in a complete state of hysterical anticipation about February 14th
2. When the day comes, it will be imperative to wear red, pink or both. Yes, even if you’re a guy.
3. Your clothes WILL have hearts on them. Yes they will. Don’t even TRY to resist this.
4. No one has even the slightest clue what to buy their significant other for Valentine’s day.
5. So they’ll all probably go for the flowers/chocolates/lingerie option they would’ve gone for anyway, even without all those press releases designed to tell us that what our partner REALLY wants for Valentine’s day is an iPad mini. Or a matching pair of knit caps. (And yes, we DID receive press releases suggesting both of those options. All we can say is we’d rather be the girl who gets the iPad…)

Is any of this actually true?

With the probable exception of point number 5, we’re going to guess “probably not”. Maybe it’s just us, but we don’t know anyone (or any adult, anyway) who wears lots of pink hearts on their clothes on Valentine’s Day, having spent the preceding two months in a frenzy of indecision thinking, “Good God, WHERE can I find pink clothes with hearts on them to wear on Valentine’s Day, WHERE?”

The thing is, though, we all need to wear lingerie, right? (Um, unless you’re someone who prefers to go commando, obviously. You can feel free to skip this post, if so…) And we can all appreciate a nice set of lingerie regardless of whether or not we have a “special someone” (GAG) to celebrate the “big day” (DOUBLE GAG) with, no?

You can read this post, then, as a suggestion of what you COULD wear on Valentine’s Day (or buy the woman in your life), if you want to. But you can also read it simply as a collection of really pretty lingerie, that you might want to buy yourself to wear on ANY day of the year.

It’s totally up to you. For now, though, there’s a much more pressing question on our minds: why ARE those two models out in the woods in their underwear? And why has only one of them realised what’s happening?

Valentine’s Day – or not – lingerie: a roundup

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