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Urban Outfitters ‘Eat Less’ t-shirt: are you offended?

Earlier this month, Urban Outfitters were forced to remove a t-shirt bearing the slogan “Eat Less” from their website (although according to some reports, the shirt is still being sold in-store), after complaints that the message was pro-anorexia, and therefore offensive. We guess the fact that the model wearing it definitely doesn’t need to “eat less” didn’t help matters there…

IS it offensive, though? After all, it seems to be perfectly acceptable these days to tell thin people they “need to eat a sandwich” and obesity is a huge (pardon the pun) issue too, so the counter-argument being made by those who don’t find the shirt in the least bit offensive, is that it’s simply a health message.

The fact that Urban Outfitters are hedging their bets by removing the shirt from the website but still selling it in store suggests they’re not quite sure where they stand on this issue (although, let’s face it, they’re no strangers to controversy either), and to be completely honest, neither are we. So we’re going to ask you to decide the matter for us, readers: is this shirt offensive? Tell us in the comments …

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