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Unsolved Mysteries: Sass & Bide Oversized Tank Dress With Corset


Can you spot the deliberate mistake here, readers?

The clue is in the title, and, more specifically, in the word "oversized". Because, doesn't it seem obvious that if you were going to wear clothes with underwear printed on the front of them – and we're not entirely sure you should be – the last thing you'd want those clothes to be would be oversized?

You can call us crazy, of course (note: please don't), but we were under the impression that corsets were meant to make you look smaller. This Sass & Bide top, however, depicts a corset that appears to be bursting at the seams with the strain of holding in the flesh it contains. Why would you want to create the impression that you just burst out of your corset?

Even more puzzlingly? Why would you pay £125 for this privilege?

You can colour us confused. If you're not, though, you can buy this now at

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