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Unsolved Mysteries: Acne ‘Gladys Light’ grey sweater

Acne Gladys light sweater

Something’s missing here.

Over the years we’ve been policing the world of fashion, we’ve come to the conclusion that  fashion victims live in a completely different climate from the rest of us. In fashion land, it’s always warm enough for shorts… but also cold enough for boots. It’s cold enough for the fashionista’s favourite thing – LAYERING, and LOTS OF IT – but at the same time warm enough for bare legs and sandals. And today we learn that in the land of the fashionable, it’s often cold enough to need a thick-knick sweater… but simultaneously so warm that you’d want to hack a huge square out of the front of it, exposing your naked body from nipple to clavicle.

We want to know where this place is, that has such an incomprehensible climate. Failing that, we’ll settle for knowing where the fashionistas are going dressed like this. Seriously, where would you wear this sweater? It’s not work appropriate; it’s not particularly “casual”, but it’s not really “dressy” either. But, you know, you paid £170 for it, you better be going to wear it. So, where?

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