Union Flag fashion: yay or nay?

Religion Union Jack printed leggingsThat Geri Halliwell.  She has a lot to answer for.  For when she wore that Union Flag (it’s only a Union Jack when it’s at sea, apparently) dress, she spawned a thousand other garments bearing the motif.  Over fifteen years later designers are still producing items such as these leggings.

Red Carter Union Jack one pieceIf you want to show your allegiance to the crown at the pool or the beach, Red Carter  are selling this delightful one-piece at Shopbop.  (We have to admit that we are slightly baffled by this as Shopbop isn’t a British site…)

Will you be wearing Union Flag fashion to show your patriotism for the Royal Wedding this April?  (Just please don’t style the leggings as pants as ASOS have done here.)  If you will, the leggings are by Religion and cost £35 at ASOS, and the once piece is by Red Carter and is $150 at Shopbop.

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