Underwear as Outerwear: Sequined and beaded bras from Forever 21

forever-21-brasConfession: these items were actually reported to us by a reader, whose name we’ve lost, so if that was you, thank you!

If these bras had been intended to be worn as lingerie, we wouldn’t have given them a second thought. Well, other than to think, “Ooh, someone’s clothes are going to get really badly snagged on those things!” But the thing is, these AREN’T lingerie, are they? No, in the current, “Let’s all dress like Lady Gaga” fashion climate, these are supposed to be worn exactly as they are: or possibly with a nice lace bodysuit over the top of them.

This offers further proof that the late “noughties” will be one of those fashion eras we’ll all look back on and say, “Oh my God, what was I THINKING? I went out in public in my UNDERWEAR!” Well, you might. We won’t, because we’ll be slapping these, and all further examples of the Underwear as Outerwear trend straight into fashion jail. Bail is set at $17.18, payable to Forever 21.

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