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Under Fashion Police Arrest: Henrik Vibskov Denim Annie Hall Jumpsuit


Hey folks, look, it's Henrik Vibskov! Last time we featured him here it was with the  "Seal All in One" or "adult romper suit", and from this, and the image above, it doesn't take the Fashion Police Detective Squad to work out that Mr Vibskov is is a key player in the "Dress Like a Toddler" movement – the dangerous underground organisation that aims to make all adults look like gigantic toddlers. In fact, recent intelligence leads us to suspect that Vibskov could actually be the leader of the movement. As such, this obviously places him high on our list of wanted criminals.

The latest piece of evidence against Vibscov is this "Annie Hall" jumpsuit, which, as you can see, is guaranteed to make even those with a figure to die for look like… well, look like this. With absolutely no redeeming features at all, the final nail in the jump-suit's coffin is the fact that it costs no less than $400.

We're sending it down, folks…

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