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Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: Red Lace

sexy red lacy ghetto prom dressAs much as we hate to see dresses with see-through sections on the bodice, we actually think we may hate see-through sections with a pattern on them even more. The purpose seems to be to make you look like you have an upper-body tattoo, you see, and while this is far from the worst Ugly Prom Dress we’ve featured here, we think it still qualifies for that bodice alone.

If you disagree, though, and you absolutely must slip into that red lace on prom night, you can buy it for $440.

Dresses, Ugly Prom Dresses

Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: Fuchsia Ruffles over Yellow Satin

Ugly_prom_dress The clue was in the title with this one, wasn’t it? Because when a dress is described as having “fuchsia ruffles over yellow satin”, it’s pretty hard to imagine how it could end up being anything other than an Ugly Prom Dress of the Day, no?

Still, one mans rags is another man’s riches, and one woman’s Ugly Prom Dress is another woman’s dream gown, so if this is the dress you’ve been searching for, and you have a spare $178 to burn, you’ll find it here.

Spotted an Ugly Prom Dress?

We’re always looking for new, hideous dresses to feature in our Ugly Prom Dress of the Day slot, so if you’ve seen one, send us a link, plus the reason you think it deserves the title, and we’ll show it to the world! (Or to our readers, anyway.)

Dresses, Ugly Prom Dresses

Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: The Pink Flamingo

Ugly_prom_dress “Now, don’t look at me like that! What you have to remember is that the flamingo who died to make this dress had a good life, and he was totally happy to sacrifice himself so I could go to the prom looking like this. No, he was! And I just bet he’s up there in flamingo heaven right now, looking down on me! And laughing. What? Why are you still looking at me like that?!”

Spotted an Ugly Prom Dress?

Remember to do your duty and report it to The Fashion Police. Do not approach these dresses! They could be dangerous…

More Ugly Prom Dresses!

Dresses, Ugly Prom Dresses

Ghetto Prom Dress of the Day: The famous Pregnant Prom Dress

Pregnant_prom_dress It’s ancient, we know, but as we’re in the business of rounding up all of the ugly prom dresses in the world and imprisoning them in the Fashion Police jail, there was just no way in the world we could ignore the famous pregnant prom dress, first spotted at, and made fun off all over the Internet ever since.

It’s our belief that this may actually be the ugliest prom dress ever, or maybe even ugliest dress in the world?¬†Because, seriously, if there’s a way to look worse at prom than by making your pregnant belly your number one accessory, we just don’t know what it is… and we’re not sure we want to know, either.

Spotted a dress uglier than this one? Do your duty to society and call The Fashion Police!

Dresses, Ugly Prom Dresses

Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: Ballroom Barbie


We don’t know what you think, but we’re not at all convinced that our Barbies would’ve worn this dress – not even Crystal Barbie, who liked shiny things, or Pink n’ Pretty Barbie, with her penchant for pink. Of course, there may well have been a Fashion Criminal Barbie we just weren’t aware of (Damn!), in which case perhaps the easily-creased pink silk, ruched bodice, puffy sleeves and kicky little "butt bow" (to make your butt look like a present, see?), not to mention the cunning use of lace, would’ve set her plastic heart on fire. Maybe.

Dresses, Ugly Prom Dresses

Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: Class of 1982


Oh, you glamorous 80s, you were like an ugly prom dress factory, and how we love you for it! Back in its day, of course, this dress would probably have been considered the absolute height of fashion. It has all of those 80s elements: the shiny fabric, the pointed bodice, the type of sleeves that would make a quarterback proud, the fug… Why, all you need is a pair of pointy stilettos (Barbie pink would do just fine), a back-combed perm, and you’re ready to party like it’s 1982!