Ugly Prom Dresses


      Wear or Die: Ugly Prom Dress Edition

      For this week’s edition of Wear or Die, we bring you two dresses, both pulled from our very own Ugly Prom Dress gallery, and both modelled by the same girl. That poor, poor girl. She’s not as lucky as you are: she didn’t get to choose which of these dresses…


      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Lucious Lamé

      Our thanks to Fashion Police reader Tara for calling in a report on this prom dress. Our officers picked the dress up in the early hours of this morning, and it’s now resting in the cells, sobering up, and hopefully thinking about what it’s done. You know, sometimes when we…


      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: The Heart Dress

      We’re going to be generous and assume this dress wasn’t actually designed with prom in mind, and is, in fact, intended for some other kind of evening event, the likes of which we wouldn’t really like to speculate about. With that said, judging by some of the other dresses in…


      Ugly Evening Dress Alert: Midnight Goddess

      This dress is billed as an “evening dress” rather than a prom dress. Unfortunately that’s the only positive we can find to it, but still, at least it’s something, hmm? (Click here to buy it) Thanks to Bronwyn for the report!

      ugly prom dress

      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: The Green-Skirted Monster

      The site selling this dress suggests it could be a prom dress OR a bridesmaid’s dress. All we can say is that if this is what the bridesmaids are wearing, we’d LOVE to see the bride… [Click here to buy it] (Thanks to Angela for the report!)

      ugly prom dress

      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Curtain on the Crotch

      “Look, everyone! Look at my crotch! No! No! Don’t look at the dress! Can’t you see I’m trying to distract you from the ugliness of the dress by holding it open, like a curtain on the crotch? Look, you can see my underwear and everything!” Sorry, sweetie, it’s too late:…

      Jovani Camouflage sequin mermaid prom dress

      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Camouflage and brown paper?

      Yes folks, it’s prom season again with all those Christmas party and ball invitations about to come flooding in any moment.  And what are you going to wear to your special event this year?  How about this little number, which appears to be made from old army camouflage uniforms, and…

      Lionella sexy long red dress

      Ugly Prom Dress: Lionella sexy long red dress

      Well we guess ‘sexy’ is one word you could use to describe this dress.  We can think of another one that also begins with S, though.  Lionella describe this dress as having a ‘sensual revealing open front design’.  Again, ‘sensual’ was not the S word we were thinking of. Aside…

      Lionella bikini top dress

      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Lionella bikini top dress

      We think the title of this post tells you all you need to know about the calibre of prom dresses that Lionella sell.  Look at the poor model’s face.  We think she’s just caught sight of herself in the mirror judging by that look shock and horror.  Wait til she…


      Ugly Prom Dresses: Alexia Lime Green Dress

       We can’t quite decide what the worst part of this prom dress is. The lime green? The fact that someone thought lime green and pastel pink would look good together? Or maybe it’s the daises. The idea that ‘less is more’ really doesn’t seem to be a factor here. But we…