Ugly Prom Dresses


      Wear or Die: Ugly Prom Dress Edition

      For this week’s edition of Wear or Die, we bring you two dresses, both pulled from our very own Ugly Prom Dress gallery, and both modelled by the same girl. That poor, poor girl. She’s not as lucky as you are: she didn’t get to choose which of these dresses she wore, she just had to wear them both! Your task, then, is a little easier in comparison: you must choose one the two dresses shown above… or you must die! The rules: 1. You must choose one of the options shown above, to be worn in public 2. You are not allowed to hide the outfit in any way: no large overcoats allowed! 3. Death is not an option!…


      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Lucious Lamé

      Our thanks to Fashion Police reader Tara for calling in a report on this prom dress. Our officers picked the dress up in the early hours of this morning, and it’s now resting in the cells, sobering up, and hopefully thinking about what it’s done. You know, sometimes when we look at dresses like this, there’s a part of us that thinks, “Well, OK, it’s ugly, trashy, and your basic HOT MESS, but no way is that intended to be worn at prom. Unless by “prom” you mean “a prom in a certain type of adult movie”. This one, though? This one actually IS being sold as an honest-to-God prom dress. We submit the following into evidence:


      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: The Heart Dress

      We’re going to be generous and assume this dress wasn’t actually designed with prom in mind, and is, in fact, intended for some other kind of evening event, the likes of which we wouldn’t really like to speculate about. With that said, judging by some of the other dresses in our ugly prom dresses gallery, maybe this IS the kind of thing people are wearing to prom these days. Anyone? (Click here to buy it)

      Jovani short beaded dress

      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Jovani guilty again

      Reader Angela alerted us to this number by Jovani, and we are glad she did.  Our officers are on the way to apprehend it as we speak. Angela says that the model seems to be saying: “For prom, all I want is to look like Medusa from The Little Mermaid! Those tentacles were just SO attractive!” If Medusa is your prom style icon too, this dress can be yours for $470 at Prom Girl.


      Ugly Evening Dress Alert: Midnight Goddess

      This dress is billed as an “evening dress” rather than a prom dress. Unfortunately that’s the only positive we can find to it, but still, at least it’s something, hmm? (Click here to buy it) Thanks to Bronwyn for the report!

      ugly prom dress

      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Curtain on the Crotch

      “Look, everyone! Look at my crotch! No! No! Don’t look at the dress! Can’t you see I’m trying to distract you from the ugliness of the dress by holding it open, like a curtain on the crotch? Look, you can see my underwear and everything!” Sorry, sweetie, it’s too late: we saw the dress, and we’re arresting it. Modelling is hard, you know… [Product Page | Thanks to Simona for the report!]

      Jovani Camouflage sequin mermaid prom dress

      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Camouflage and brown paper?

      Yes folks, it’s prom season again with all those Christmas party and ball invitations about to come flooding in any moment.  And what are you going to wear to your special event this year?  How about this little number, which appears to be made from old army camouflage uniforms, and brown paper?  With added sequins for that holiday pizazz!   Just the thing, right?  Jovani clearly think so as this is just one of their designs that features the brown paper-like fabric, and there are more featuring prints not dissimilar to the camouflage one shown here. Sadly, this is only available to buy in stores, so bad luck if you’re not in the US.  If you are in the US and…

      Lionella sexy long red dress

      Ugly Prom Dress: Lionella sexy long red dress

      Well we guess ‘sexy’ is one word you could use to describe this dress.  We can think of another one that also begins with S, though.  Lionella describe this dress as having a ‘sensual revealing open front design’.  Again, ‘sensual’ was not the S word we were thinking of. Aside from being rather chilly attending your winter prom in this dress, we can’t see that the organisers would be too thrilled at you turning up to their black tie event with your midriff most of your flesh on show. If you think it’s just the job for your formal event though, you can buy it here for £36.68.

      Lionella bikini top dress

      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Lionella bikini top dress

      We think the title of this post tells you all you need to know about the calibre of prom dresses that Lionella sell.  Look at the poor model’s face.  We think she’s just caught sight of herself in the mirror judging by that look shock and horror.  Wait til she sees the back view:


      Ugly Prom Dresses: Alexia Lime Green Dress

       We can’t quite decide what the worst part of this prom dress is. The lime green? The fact that someone thought lime green and pastel pink would look good together? Or maybe it’s the daises. The idea that ‘less is more’ really doesn’t seem to be a factor here. But we think the major issue here is that it’s so very unflattering. She looks about four sizes bigger than she really is! Masses of lime green fabric is not a good look. If you disagree, you can buy this from Be Flirty for £245.


      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Meet The Flintstones

      Aww, would you look at that! Little Pebbles Flintstone is all grown up and ready for prom! And she’s wearing a… bright yellow demi-shress, the kind of thing that looks good on…well, on no-one, really. What WILL Fred and Wilma say? [Product Page]


      Ugly Prom Dresses Roundup: The Ultimate Ugly Prom Dress Gallery!

      Ugly prom dresses: they’re out there. Oh boy, are they out there. The Fashion Police have been arresting these ugly prom dresses for years now, in a bid to keep the prom-going public free of such horrors as the “Bahama Mama” and “The One That Looks Like a Toilet Roll Doll”, but the consequence of that has been that our jail is now overflowing with ugly prom dresses of all descriptions. Some are tacky, some are trashy; some contain such lurid colours and patterns that not even eyeball bleach can save our sight. Others have strange cut-outs, so little fabric that you may as well go naked, or bizarre dangly bits that we can’t even begin to fathom.  Some are…


      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Spare Ribs

      When a retailer uses the word “sexy” to describe a prom dress, it’s usually a red flag for the Fashion Police officers. In this case “sexy” has been translated as “all the colours of the rainbow, as many different prints as we could manage, and, oh yeah, we ruthlessly attacked the bodice with a pair of shears, so now it’s attached to the skirt with a set of fabric ‘ribs’.” We maintain that the wearer of the dress should be the one supplying the ribs, not the dress itself. If you beg to differ, however, this is $358 from here.


      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Backless Animal Print

      Granted, this  isn’t quite as bad as some animal print prom dresses we’ve featured. We’ve seen worse, haven’t we? Even so, we’re starting to think it’s time The Fashion Police producted some kind of Statute on the Acceptable Use of Animal Print. The first point could be: NOT ON A PROM DRESS, for the love of Gaga, no! What do you think, readers? Would you wear this to prom? If you would, you can head over here and buy it.


      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Jovani and the dress of many colours

      We apologise for any burning caused to your retinas during viewing of this dress. We were still seeing the pattern a few hours after we looked away from it, so we feel your pain. Nevertheless, we feel the existence of this dress teaches us all an important lesson about colour mixing and how not to do it. It could be summed up as “Orange and green should not be seen, without a….” Actually, no: they just shouldn’t be seen. Ever. Especially when they’re fluorescent orange and lime green. If you disagree, however, this dress is $500 and you can buy it here.


      Ugly Prom Dress Sighting: the zebra-print prom dress x2

      Nothing says “prom” quite like all-over animal print, does it? Of course, with animal print – and particularly zebra print – being oh-so fashionable right now, perhaps this dress is simply “bang on trend“? Whaddya think? [Thanks to Andrea for the report!] We also have a confirmed sighting of a second zebra print prom dress, this time from Minnah:

      Ugly Prom Dress Alert! Taffeta prom dress from Topshop

      This dress comes to us direct from 1985 not from a specialist prom dress store, like so many of the Ugly Prom Dresses we're forced to arrest, but from our old friend Topshop. This gives us cause for concern. Are Topshop trying to popularise the shiny satin look of the Ugly Prom Dress? Are these in fashion now? Are they, to use a term we've come to hate, "on trend"? God, we hope not. We just don't have the manpower to be able to deal with an outbreak of crimes like this one. On the, er, plus side, this dress DOES appear to have saddlebags. Which is… handy. We guess. Topshop describe this one as "a show-stopping dress, to be…

      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: the illusion of nudity

      Just imagine what your prom photos would be like if you wore this for your big night! Especially ay group shots, where you're standing a little way back from the camera, and the detail of the bodice kinda merges into your skin, making you look like you're standing there completely topless! One to show the grandchildren, for sure. [Product Page]

      Ugly Prom Dress Arrest: Animal print – now with added belly-flashing

      Oh, now that’s just GREAT: we’re going to have “Eye of the Tiger” stuck in our heads ALL DAY now. “Risin’ up, back on the street Did my time, took my chances Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet Just a model and her will to wear ugly prom dresses…” This dress is by Jovani, and can be purchased here for $485. It’s funny because, just last week, someone commented on an ancient Ugly Prom Dress post about another Jovani dress, saying that we’re not allowed to dislike Jovani dresses because, OMG, it’s JOVANI, its, like, the BEST LABEL EVER, and that, clearly the only reason we would claim not to like any of their dresses* is because we just can’t…

      Possibly the most confusing (and obscene!) ugly prom dress we’ve ever arrested…

        What. The. HELL? Is that a… ? No, it can’t be. It just can’t. But it looks like…? No. We refuse to believe it. It’s just an unfortunate design, that’s all. A really, really unfortunate design. A really unfortunate design that’s just earned this dress its own special place in the Fashion Police Jail, where we hope it will take the time to think about what it’s done here. Now, let us never speak of this again. [image source] (Thanks to Louisa for the report!)

      Ugly Prom Dress Alert: the belly button dress

      Oh, what a tragedy! An Ugly Prom Dress that wouldn't even be an Ugly Prom Dress but for one tiny detail: the belly button hole. Now, it's our contention that belly buttons have no place at prom. None at all. This dress, however, makes the belly button the centrepiece of the whole outfit, ringing it with rhinestones as if to say "Look! A belly button! Betchya never saw one of these bad boys before!" Yes, it's all about the bellybutton here, and the overall effect is to make the model look like she needed emergency keyhole surgery, and the surgeon didn't have time to remove the dress first. For this reason, and this reason alone, this dress has earned it's…

      Ugly Prom Dress of the Week: the Strawberry Shortcake

        Judging by some of the comments we get on the various Ugly Prom Dresses in the Fashion Police cells, we know some of you are going to just love this one, and that's great: you can wear it, so we don't have to! We, meanwhile, think this looks like Strawberry Shortcake just threw up all over it. And we can't blame her, really: the pinkness, the ruffles, the flowers… None of these things on their own would make for an ugly prom dress, of course, but put them altogether, mix for a few minutes, and you end up with a Toilet Doll with a serious penchant for pink. And let us just be blunt: there's no good way to…

      Unique Boutique floral print corsage mini prom dress: your thoughts?

        The Fashion Police would've been ALL OVER this dress when we were young. Just look at it: it's one part ballerina's tutu, one part trashy princess, and another part that looks vaguely like something the 'Like a Virgin' era Madonna would've totally worn. These days? Let's just say we're not so keen. We are a little confused, though, because we didn't find this while policing one of our regular prom-dress hangouts, but at, where it's priced at £250. Or rather, where is WAS priced at £250, because almost as soon as that dress appeared on the ASOS website, it sold right out. Tell us, then, readers: are our instincts guiding us wrong on this one? Is this dress…

      Ugly Prom Dresses: yes, there’s more of them…

      Since last Friday’s Ugly Prom Dress roundup, we’ve had lots of reports of even more prom dress crimes. The Fashion Police fear these are the work of an organised Ugly Prom Dress Crime Ring, but please don’t be alarmed: rest assured that we’re working round the clock to round up the offenders and make the world of proms a safe place once more. Well, as safe as it ever was, anyway. Here are some of the latest occupants of our cells. All of the suspects on this page are being sold as prom dresses. We live in frightening times, clearly.

      Ugly Prom Dress Roundup

      We’re confused. There’s still a good while to go before prom season kicks off, and yet already the makers of ugly prom dresses seem to have gone into overdrive. The following suspects were all rounded up by Fashion Police Officer Alyssa, and come from We’re starting of with the yellow number above, which we call “The Ugly Garden of Eden”. There are more under the jump, though, so if it’s ugly prom dresses you’re looking for, well, you’ve come to the right place…

      Giving new meaning to the phrase “body conscious”…

      If, like us, your abs finished 2008 looking a little less ripped than the way they started it, courtesy of all that lovely Christmas food, this dress is probably your worst nightmare. Actually, on second thoughts: forget the freakin’ abs. Let’s just say that if you’re anything like us, this dress is probably your worst nightmare. Because, let’s face it, you’d be as well just going out naked and having done with it, no? It’s not just the abs that are exposed here: the cut-outs go all the way down to the hip bones, and skirt dangerously close to the crotch. Too close for comfort, in fact. This is the way evening-wear has been going lately. The body-con trend was…

      Ugly Prom Dresses: now with added lingerie

      You know, The Fashion Police could swear we saw that bustier in the TK Maxx lingerie department sale, just before Christmas. Looks like some enterprising person snapped it up, sewed a black skirt onto the bottom, et voila – one Ugly Prom Dress! And the great thing is, you won’t even have to wear underwear with it because… well, because the top half of it IS underwear. Genius. The description on the retailer’s website describes this as "ethereal". Well, that’s one way of putting it we guess, although it possibly wouldn’t have been the word The Fashion Police would’ve chosen… (Thanks to officer Adrienne for the report!)

      The Ugly Prom dresses are still out there…

      Missing our Ugly Prom Dress of the Day column? Don’t worry, it’ll be back as soon as prom season starts up again, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on this little beauty, which comes to us from Alaai Prom Wear and retails for $355. Is it just us, or us anyone else’s fingers just itching to grab a pair of scissors and give this dress a little "trim" right now?

      Another Ugly Prom Dress Interlude

      It just goes to show, folks, it doesn’t have to be prom season for the ugly prom dresses to be out in force. If there’s one thing The Fashion Police have learned, it’s that you have to be ever-vigilant against these crimes of fashion, and not let your guard down, even for a second. Because if you do, this is the kind of thing that happens. This is another dress in the “Oh my God, I have fungi growing all over my body!” mould. It’s the second such crime we’ve had to apprehend this week and we can only hope it’ll be the last. Just be to be on the safe side, though, we’re issuing a warning: be on the…

      Ugly Prom Dress Interlude

      We interrupt this broadcast to bring you news of an Ugly Prom Dress in our midst. This dress was spotted at by Fashion Police Cadet Gabriella, and although it’s nowhere near prom season, never let it be said that the Fashion Police failed to act on the reports of fashion crimes they receive. These two young ladies look thrilled to be wearing dresses which leave their stomach’s looking like they’re covered in plague boils, don’t they? That’s nice. We’re glad they’re enjoying themselves while they can because we somehow don’t think the Fashion Police jail will be even half as much fun…

      Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: Oranges are not the only ugly prom dresses

      On the website we found this dress on, every single other gown was being modelled by a real, live human being. Every one except this one. Our best guess is that they just couldn’t pay anyone enough to slip into this. Seriously, even the mannequin’s turning her head away, like she’s thinking, “Oh God, please don’t let anyone recognise me in this…” Poor mannequin. Of course, if you’re going for an orange ugly prom dress, then you’re clearly not the kind of girl who likes to fade into the background. (Unless your prom is being held inside a giant orange, obviously). This isn’t the easiest of colours to wear at the best of times, so we can’t help but wonder…

      Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: The Tango Mango

      A companion dress to the ‘Bahama Mama’, this dress also comes from the BeBora Rachelle stable, and is called "Tango Mango" – presumably because the colours will evoke sunset beaches and juicy, tropical fruits. That’s all well and good, of course, but what we’re seeing here is a piñata. Is anyone else seeing a piñata? The dress is sadly sold out in the short version, but don’t despair – we’re sure some crepe paper in "tango" and "mango" colours could step into the breech here and help you fashion your very own tropical delight of a dress. Or you could just buy the long version here. Thanks to Cybele for reporting this one – remember, if you’ve spotted an Ugly…

      Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: Garden of Delights

      You know how if you sprinkle cress seeds on a carpet and then water them, you can get it to grow? We really hope this poor girl managed to catch the varmints who did something similar to this prom dress of hers, which kinda looks like the bodice of it is alive. Now, we know there will be those of you who like this one, so those people can buy the dress here. Personally, we wouldn’t like that layered skirt even without the flora and fauna attached to it, so we’ll be giving this one a miss… Spotted an Ugly Prom Dress? Report it to The Fashion Police!

      Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: Denim Addiction

      Yes, it’s a denim prom dress. A prom dress made from… denim. As for the tendrils around the neckline, well, we don’t know what they’re made from, but our best guess would be it’s one of those lace doilies you sometimes see on people’s dinner tables, or hanging over the back of seats. So, doily and denim: any takers? Oh come on, it’s only $249…

      Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: Peach n’ Pretty

      DeBora Rachelle does it again, folks, with the kind of dress even Barbie would reject as too frou frou for words. It’s hard to know what kind of punishment would be most suitable for this kind of fashion crime, though, and we’re tempted to think that anyone actually attending prom in something like this has probably been punished enough. What do you think?

      Ghetto Prom Dress of the Day: The Bermuda Triangles

      Every time we think we’ve seen it all, and that there’s nothing in the realm of ugly/ghetto prom dresses that can surprise or shock us any more, something comes along to prove us wrong. This is one of those times. This dress was submitted by Fashion Police Cadet Michelle, who didn’t tell us where exactly she found it. We think that’s probably a good thing, don’t you? Now, let us never speak of this again. View more > ghetto prom dresses

      Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: For pregnant prom-goers only

      To be fair, this dress isn’t so much “ugly” as it’s just woefully unflattering to anyone who isn’t at least a few months pregnant. And even then, we’re sure you could find something that wouldn’t encourage people to think they could camp out under you if they really needed to. Trust us, empire lines and pleats aren’t a great combo if you don’t want to spend the evening being asked whether you’re hoping for a girl or a boy…

      Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: Red Lace

      As much as we hate to see dresses with see-through sections on the bodice, we actually think we may hate see-through sections with a pattern on them even more. The purpose seems to be to make you look like you have an upper-body tattoo, you see, and while this is far from the worst Ugly Prom Dress we’ve featured here, we think it still qualifies for that bodice alone. If you disagree, though, and you absolutely must slip into that red lace on prom night, you can buy it for $440.

      Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: Fuchsia Ruffles over Yellow Satin

      The clue was in the title with this one, wasn’t it? Because when a dress is described as having “fuchsia ruffles over yellow satin”, it’s pretty hard to imagine how it could end up being anything other than an Ugly Prom Dress of the Day, no? Still, one mans rags is another man’s riches, and one woman’s Ugly Prom Dress is another woman’s dream gown, so if this is the dress you’ve been searching for, and you have a spare $178 to burn, you’ll find it here. Spotted an Ugly Prom Dress? We’re always looking for new, hideous dresses to feature in our Ugly Prom Dress of the Day slot, so if you’ve seen one, send us a link, plus…

      Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: The Pink Flamingo

      “Now, don’t look at me like that! What you have to remember is that the flamingo who died to make this dress had a good life, and he was totally happy to sacrifice himself so I could go to the prom looking like this. No, he was! And I just bet he’s up there in flamingo heaven right now, looking down on me! And laughing. What? Why are you still looking at me like that?!” Spotted an Ugly Prom Dress? Remember to do your duty and report it to The Fashion Police. Do not approach these dresses! They could be dangerous… More Ugly Prom Dresses!

      Me Tarzan, you Ugly Prom Dress of the Day

      There’s an outside chance that this dress could look better if the wearer wasn’t shaking her thang quite so hard. Or it could still make her look like she’s been stranded on a desert island for years, with no hope of escape. What do you think?

      Ghetto Prom Dress of the Day: The famous Pregnant Prom Dress

      It’s ancient, we know, but as we’re in the business of rounding up all of the ugly prom dresses in the world and imprisoning them in the Fashion Police jail, there was just no way in the world we could ignore the famous pregnant prom dress, first spotted at, and made fun off all over the Internet ever since. It’s our belief that this may actually be the ugliest prom dress ever, or maybe even ugliest dress in the world? Because, seriously, if there’s a way to look worse at prom than by making your pregnant belly your number one accessory, we just don’t know what it is… and we’re not sure we want to know, either. Spotted a dress…

      Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: Ballroom Barbie

      We don’t know what you think, but we’re not at all convinced that our Barbies would’ve worn this dress – not even Crystal Barbie, who liked shiny things, or Pink n’ Pretty Barbie, with her penchant for pink. Of course, there may well have been a Fashion Criminal Barbie we just weren’t aware of (Damn!), in which case perhaps the easily-creased pink silk, ruched bodice, puffy sleeves and kicky little "butt bow" (to make your butt look like a present, see?), not to mention the cunning use of lace, would’ve set her plastic heart on fire. Maybe.

      Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: Class of 1982

      Oh, you glamorous 80s, you were like an ugly prom dress factory, and how we love you for it! Back in its day, of course, this dress would probably have been considered the absolute height of fashion. It has all of those 80s elements: the shiny fabric, the pointed bodice, the type of sleeves that would make a quarterback proud, the fug… Why, all you need is a pair of pointy stilettos (Barbie pink would do just fine), a back-combed perm, and you’re ready to party like it’s 1982!