Ugly sportswear, and other crimes of fashion: our weekly roundup

To kick off this week’s Crimes of Fashion roundup, we bring you THIS:

see through polka dot jogging trousers

Everything: Andrea Crews

No wonder this model is scratching her head and looking confused. She’s participating in what is possibly one of the worst outfits we’ve ever arrested – and we’ve arrested a LOT of outfits, so that’s quite the achievement. “How did this happen to me,” she’s wondering. “How did I get here? The booking agent told me it was a sportswear shoot and that I’d be wearing jogging pants… but then THIS?” Well, to be fair, she IS wearing “jogging pants”, according to the description on the website. They’re just like no jogging pants we’ve ever seen before – or want to see again, for that matter.

Still, at least it can’t get much worse than this, can it? What, after all, could possibly be worse?

completely see-through jogging suit

Andrea Crews, again

Oh yeah, THIS. THIS could be worse. And it could be worse even than it appears in the photo, too, because just imagine if you ACTUALLY went running in an outfit like this, and started to sweat? Imagine how it would steam up, the perspiration running down the ┬ásides of … actually, you know what? Let’s NOT imagine that, yes?

One thing’s for sure, though: after working out in something like this, you’d definitely be all hot and sweaty. You’d need something to dry yourself off with, in fact. Maybe a little something like this?

pink towelling shorts

Nazir Mazhar shorts

Towel shorts! In pink! Perfect for getting out of the shower, hilarious at all other times. We’re tickled pink. Not, however, as tickled as this guy:

pants made from feathers

Feather pants

He’s wearing feathers, you see. Feathers, ticklish? Get it? Oh, never mind…

Honestly, we don’t know about you, but after that little lot, things like THIS are starting to look almost stylish to us:

grey jumpsuit

ASOS jumpsuit

Then again, on second thoughts…

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  • April 24, 2013


    With the feather pants, the model is loking like some funnel-breasted satyr. Poor man!

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