Wear or Die: Get Shorty

two pairs of ugly shorts

It’s Wear or Die time again, and the question facing you this week is…

Would you rather go out in public in your knickers than wear these Comme des Garcons shorts?

This question isn’t quite as ridiculous as it sounds, because, of course, the leopard-print beauties on the right of the photo aren’t actually underwear, despite being described as “knickers”: no, they’re those teeny-tiny “shorts” that look great on female pop stars as they gyrate around the stage, but possibly won’t look quite as good on the rest of us.

Perhaps we’re just speaking for ourselves here, though? Perhaps you have both the booty and bravery to wear Miss Selfridge’s leopard-print pants in public, without batting an eyelid? If that’s the case, your choice today will be an easy one. If, however, you prefer NOT to look like you’re out in your undies, you may be forced to opt for Comme des Garcons’ inflatable brain shorts instead.

Which you will choose?

(Remember, the rules of the game are that you must choose one option… or DIE. Death is NOT an option. Neither is covering up with something else, or wearing the item in the privacy of your own home, where no one can hear you scream. You wear them in public, exactly as they’re shown, or YOU DIE. Simples.)


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