Shoes attacked by fashion trends – Fashion Police alerted


What’s this? Two pairs of ugly shoes in one day? Has the whole world gone mad? Apparently so, and these poor boots are the unfortunate victims of that madness. These aren’t so much fashion criminals as fashion victims  – they look like they’ve been mugged by just about every shoe fashion trend going this season, not to mention a couple of tragic fashion crimes. Let’s see:

1. The gold capped heel
So Chloe, so last season, so totally desperate in its attempt to make this boot look "fashionable."

2. The colour blue
We all know that blue is, like, totally "in" this winter, don’t we? But was there any need to force it onto the front of this shoe, where it so clearly doesn’t belong?

3. Navy and black together
The jury’s still out on whether the wearing of navy and black together is a true fashion crime or not, but either way, it’s not doing it for me here.

4. The "boot pretending to be a shoe" crime.
Now, you already know our feelings on boots that pretend to be other items of footwear, so I won’t re-hash them here, other than to say that, as "boots pretending to be shoes" go, this isn’t a very good one, is it? I mean, what’s supposed to be holding the shoe on at the back?

I make that four reasons to dislike these boots, but if you disagree, you can buy them for £79 at Oli.

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  • November 5, 2007


    Oh dear Lord, what in the hell is that? Possibly the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen!

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