Ugly Shoes: Barefoot Tess Malibu cowboy boot

Barefoot Tess Malibu cowboy tall bootIt looks like some sort of creature just exploded out of these boots.  How else would you explain the faux fur that seems to be leaking out of every seam?  We’re not sure any self-respecting cowboy would want to be seen in them either.  They’re some sort of moccasin-UGG boot hybrid and those aren’t words we should ever have to type.

The side view isn’t much better either:

Barefoot Tess Malibu cowboy tall boot side

Oh yes, did we mention that they are $639 (£402)?

Got that kind of money to spend on ugly boots?  Think we’re completely wrong and that these boots are actually fabulous?  Tell us!  And click here to buy the boots.

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