Wear or Die: Ugly Prom Dress Edition

For this week’s edition of Wear or Die, we bring you two dresses, both pulled from our very own Ugly Prom Dress gallery, and both modelled by the same girl. That poor, poor girl. She’s not as lucky as you are: she didn’t get to choose which of these dresses she wore, she just had to wear them both! Your task, then, is a little easier in comparison: you must choose one the two dresses shown above… or you must die!

The rules:

1. You must choose one of the options shown above, to be worn in public
2. You are not allowed to hide the outfit in any way: no large overcoats allowed!
3. Death is not an option!

Of course, luckily for you, this is all just for fun, and you won’t actually have to wear the dress. This model DID have to wear the dress: both of them. For her, Wear or Die isn’t a game: it’s HER LIFE.

Which will you choose? Pink or orange, orange or pink? Make your choice in the comments, and prepare to WEAR OR DIE!

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