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Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: Clawed by a cat

Yellow ugly prom dress

At first we thought this dress was covered in lightning bolts – you know, for that kinda "witchy" look that’s always such a hit on prom night. Then we realised that as the dress is called "Cat Claw", the effect is actually supposed to create the impression that just as you were about to walk out the door, the cat jumped on you and clawed you to death. Then our heads exploded, and we couldn’t make sense of anything any more: all we could do was stare at the dress in horrified disbelief, wondering, "WHO WOULD DO THAT TO THEMSELVES?"

Thanks to Katie and Sarah for reporting this crime against fashion. Remember, if you spot an ugly prom dress on your travels through the web, it’s your duty to report it to The Fashion Police. Together we will fight these prom dress crimes!

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