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Ghetto Prom Dress of the Day: The famous Pregnant Prom Dress

Pregnant_prom_dress It’s ancient, we know, but as we’re in the business of rounding up all of the ugly prom dresses in the world and imprisoning them in the Fashion Police jail, there was just no way in the world we could ignore the famous pregnant prom dress, first spotted at UglyDress.com, and made fun off all over the Internet ever since.

It’s our belief that this may actually be the ugliest prom dress ever, or maybe even ugliest dress in the world?¬†Because, seriously, if there’s a way to look worse at prom than by making your pregnant belly your number one accessory, we just don’t know what it is… and we’re not sure we want to know, either.

Spotted a dress uglier than this one? Do your duty to society and call The Fashion Police!

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