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Ugly Outerwear: Bless cotton and fox jacket

bless-fur-trim-jacketThese jackets have a bit of a Photoshopped feel to them, but rest assured, if they have been ‘shopped, it wasn’t done by us: The Fashion Police don’t like to tamper with the evidence, and even if we did, we don’t think we could make these any uglier if we tried. Or any more expensive, actually: these are $1,777 each, which means we can convict them on three counts:

Count 1: Offences to the eyeballs

Count 2: Cruelty to animals

Count 3: Possible Daylight Robbery

Three strikes means you’re out in our world: or rather you’re IN the Fashion Police jail, so we have no hesitation in convicting these jackets of Crimes of Fashion. Bail is set at the aforementioned $1,777, payable to Colette.

[Bless fox fur jackets]
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