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Fashion Police declare war on flatforms

Fashion Police declare war on flatform shoes

OK, that’s it: we’re officially declaring war on flatforms. These shoes are dead to us now: or, at least, they will be, once we’ve rounded up every last pair and set fire to them. Not since the advent of Crocs has a single style of shoe possessed such innate ability to make its wearer look like a golf club. Seriously, doesn’t this poor model look like a gold club to you? Does that seem right? DOES IT?

All of the flatforms must go. No pair shall be saved, for we have never, ever encountered a pair that didn’t make our eyes burn. If you have, we invite you to submit the shoes in question into evidence. We don’t believe they exist, though.

As for the ones pictured, they’re by Elizabeth and James, and they’re $265 at Shopbop. Why? We will never know…

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