Crime of Fashion: The Wildcat Dress

Ugly Dresses: The Wildcat Dress< Ugly Dresses: The Wildcat Dress

Hands up! This is a Fashion Police bust!

Or, on second thoughts: HANDS DOWN. Because if you put your hands up in this dress, we’ll have to arrest you on two counts:

1. Wearing an astonishingly ugly dress. With a cheetah on it.

2. Showing us all your underwear.

This isn’t the first time we’ve encountered the fashion mystery that is the dress with its sleeves attached to its hem, of course, but we’re no further forward in our quest to understand why anyone would want to walk around with their hands attached to their dress all day. Sure, it creates an interesting shape, but what if you need to reach for something on a high shelf? Or wave to a friend? Or do anything that involves the full use of your arms? We’re hoping this dress has enough fabric in the sleeves to allow its wearer the full range of mobility, but even if it does: how would you put a coat on over it?

So many questions. Not least of which being, “Whose idea was it to add the giant cheetah face?”

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