The Ugliest Shoes of 2013

the ugliest shoes of 2013

Happy new year, Fashion Force!

We trust you all had an awesome and stylish start to the year, and are ready to get on with the important business of fighting all of the fashion crimes we’re sure to encounter in 2014. Before we get on to that, though, we still have to finish our 2013 Crime Retrospective, and today we’re looking at the wonderful – and sometimes not-so-wonderful- world of shoes.

Now, we generally try to leave all things footwear-related to our sister site, ShoeperWoman, but we did step in to make a few footwear-related arrests last year, and you’ll find them rounded up in the gallery below. Are these the ugliest shoes of 2013? Take a look and find out!

Gallery: The Ugliest Shoes of 2013

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