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Ugg Boots : The Verdict

Ugg boots So, yeah, we let that poll run for a long time, didn’t we? Whoops. There’ll be a new one up soon (because WE CARE what you think about the world of fashion! No, really!), but in the meantime it’s time to answer the question: Are Ugg Boots still fashionable?

And the answer?

(it’s after the jump…)

It’s a resounding "NO!" folks. Well, almost…

Out of everyone who voted, 62.2% thought Ugg means "ugly", while 37.8% would still wear them. That’s a higher number of "yes" votes for Uggs than I had expected, so while our Fashion Police jurors are clearly declaring Uggs guilty of Crimes of Fashion, I don’t think the evidence is conclusive enough to send them to fashion hell quite yet.

And here’s the thing: I quite like them. Yes, I know, it’s surprising to me, too. After years of hatred, I could actually see me and Uggs getting along not too badly these days. I can picture us out in the country, me all toasty and warm, them all… well, still ugly, but so comfortable, you know?

Uggbootshartings If you do want to get yourself some Uggs, Hartings New Zealand is the place to get them from – yes, even if you don’t live in the southern hemisphere. Uggs were born in this part of the world, remember, and Hartings sell the real McCoy (well, the real Uggs) for probably the cheapest price you’ll find: their classic tall boot, for example, is only £89, and that includes shipping.

If you don’t want to spring for a real pair of Uggs, Hartings also make their own brand of sheepin boots: they look like Uggs, they feel like Uggs, and while they don’t quite have the same quality as Uggs, no one’s going to be able to tell the difference Hartingsuggs really. Except maybe your toes. £49.95 gets you Hartings own brand boots in the same style as the tall boots above – again, delivery is included.

Spot the difference?

Other Places to Buy Ugg Boots:

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