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Would you wear…Ugg boots to your wedding?

Bidal Ugg boots

Brides: Would you wear Ugg boots to your wedding? 

Actually, scratch that question: let’s open it out to the floor. Everyone: would you wear Ugg boots to ANY wedding?

Ugg Australia think you should. Their ‘I Do’ wedding collection (and no, we’re not making this up) is, in their own words, ” sure to turn heads and stand out in a crowd whether walking down the aisle, during pre-wedding pampering, or as luxurious gifts for the wedding party.” (our bold)

Now, we know the cult of the casual has taken over our culture these days, with everyone thinking only about being “so comfy!” and scoffing at the very idea of dressing up for ANYTHING. We still have nightmares about the “trend” a few years back for brides (and often the rest of the bridal party, too) to walk down the aisle with a pair of garish Crocs hidden under their wedding gowns. (So quirky! So! Comfy!) And yes, it’s true: given that many brides still go for the traditional, floor-length gown, there’s definitely an argument to be made that it doesn’t really matter WHAT you wear on your feet, because no one’s going to see them anyway.

Even so, we still have to say it: Uggs? On your wedding day? Seriously?

Personally, we don’t think Uggs have any place at a wedding at all, let alone on the bride, but if walking down the aisle in a pair of sheepskin boots sounds like the best thing ever to you, you can choose from the Sparkles I Do, the Bailey I Do, and the Fluff Flip Flop I Do:

Ugg flip flops

And you can get them all here.

Tell us, though: would you wear Uggs to a wedding, whether your own or someone else’s?


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