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Ugg boots were the most searched-for “fashion” item on Black Friday

Ugg boots

Ugg boots have long been considered a crime of fashion here at TFP HQ, but there are plenty of people out there who disagree with us, as evidenced by the fact that the stumpy sheepskin boots were the most searched-for women’s “fashion” item on black Friday, according to Google.

We’re using the word “fashion” in inverted commas here because we refuse to take Ugg boots seriously as “fashion” items. Sure, we can see how they’d come in handy on a cold (but dry: soggy Ugg boots made it on to our own list of winter fashion crimes just last month, remember) winter day: they’d keep your feet warm while you were out walking the dog, say, or doing some other necessary-but-not-necessarily-stylish chore, but that puts them into the same category as running shoes and rain boots – it doesn’t make them stylish.

Still, people keep on buying them, and we think it’s fair to say they’re not doing it for purely practical reasons: in fact, many people ARE buying Uggs (or Ugg-alikes, which can be even worse) purely because they like the way they look, and they ARE wearing them as “fashion statements” of sorts. We’re probably never going to understand the reasons for this, but this is a world in which adult onesies not only exist, but are considered a valid clothing choice, so we’re pretty used to being permanently confused by what passes for “fashion” these days. Actually, when we really think about it, there are so many crimes of fashion out there that Uggs almost seem stylish in comparison to some of them. ALMOST.*

What do you think of UGGs, style sleuths? Do you own a pair? Would you wear them? Were you one of the people Googling for great deals on Ugg boots last Friday, or do you agree that that they may be practical in certain circumstances, but they’ll never, ever be “stylish”?

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*Not really.

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