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On Trial: Ugg Boots

Ugg boots Of all the fashion questions we’re asked, there’s one that comes up time and time again: Are Ugg boots still fashionable? Well, are they? Let’s take a look at the evidence…

First of all, let’s make one thing clear: it doesn’t actually matter whether or not Uggs are fashionable. If you like ’em, wear ’em. Don’t listen to what The Fashion Police has to say on the subject – I mean, no one else does. A better question, then, would be “Are Uggs nice?” So, what do The Fashion Police have to say about that?

Britneypost02 Exhibit A: Britney Spears in Ugg boots. Now, I think you’ll agree that no, this does not look nice. Then again, at this stage on the downward spiral, nothing Britney wore was nice. And actually? It may seem strange to wear sheepskin boots with a sun dress, but this is the way Uggs were meant to be worn. (We’re sure Britney didn’t know that at the time, though).

Uggs, you see, are not winter boots. They were designed in Australia, for surfers to wear when they came out of the water. When you think about it, this makes sense: Uggs just aren’t practical in the winter. Yes, they’re cosy and warm, but in terms of practicality? Well, who the hell wears pale-coloured suede on their feet in the winter? (Other than Britney, we mean.)

Uggs don’t look nice in the winter. They get all soggy and stained, and yes, they’re still cosy and warm – no one’s denying them that – but if cosy and warm’s all you’re worried about then you’re on the wrong blog. Sorry.

But of course, poor old beleaguered Britney isn’t the best example of Ugg wearing. And other celebrities wear Uggs too. Like Kate Hudson, for instance. And even little Eva Longoria, although I think she may be on set here, and being paid to wear Uggs doesn’t really count…


What does all this prove? Well, nothing really. The fact is that Uggs are here to stay. They’re not quite “in fashion” in the way they were two or three years ago, when every second person was wearing them, but they’re not going anywhere fast, either. While I’d hesitate to call them a fashion classic, Uggs can look OK depending on how you wear them. Do they ever look more than OK? Well, not really, no. They’re designed for comfort, not style, and with the wrong kind of outfit they can go disastrously wrong.

Uggs will probably always be controversial – they’re the kind of footwear that people either love or loathe, and it’s up to you to decide which camp you’re in.

One word of advice, though: don’t wear them like this:

kate Winslet

Our verdict: Not quite a crime of fashion – but almost.

Give your verdict in the comments box…

Crime of Fashion: Ugg’s Castello Shoes


My eyes, my eyes! Oh, sweet Jesus – and to think here was I prepared to give Uggs the benefit of the doubt, too… Well, the jury may be out on whether or not Ugg boots are a true crime of fashion or not, but I think we can all agree that these offerings just put the “Ugg” back into “ugly”, mmmhhm? Just think: people are actually paying $200 to put these on their feet. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS, people! Has the world gone mad?

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