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Dress of the Day: Preen Line Ivy paneled stretch-cotton drill dress

Preen Line Ivy paneled stretch-cotton drill dress

Preen Line Ivy paneled stretch-cotton drill dress, $715

Although the skirt-like waistband and contrast panel on the bodice take this dress dangerously close to “Stuck Together Clothes” territory, we’re willing to forgive it: partly because we’d probably forgive this dress just about anything, but also because if ALL S-T-Cs looked like this, we may not even consider them a Crime of Fashion in the first place.

Oh yeah, and also because we’re complete suckers for this kind of full skirt. Show us a full skirted dress, we’ll show you a Dress of the Day…

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Fashion Police

Dress of the Day: Karen Millen turqouise fitted peplum dress

Karen Millen turqouise fitted peplum dress

Karen Millen turqouise fitted peplum dress, £160

We’re a little bit Karen Millen crazy at the moment, which means you can probably expect to see a lot more of their dresses here in future: even more than we’ve been showing you already, that is. Today we’ve picked this turquoise peplum dress for its simple shape, its understated use of the peplum (Which is still going strong after its return to fashion last year), and because there just isn’t enough turquoise in the world, as far as we’re concerned.

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Fashion Police

Dress of the Day: Carven Paris map print cotton dress

Carven Paris print dress

Carven Paris map print cotton dress, £391.37

At first glance, this dress probably just looks like any other cotton sundress, and SO WHAT, we hear you say: SO WHAT, Fashion Police? Take a closer look, though, and you’ll see that the print is actually a map of Paris – and quite a detailed one, too. We’ve no idea just how accurate it is, or which era it dates from, of course, but if you’re as fascinated by maps as we are, you might just love this. And if you’re not, well, at least it would give you a good excuse to visit Paris. Well, if you already have the map…

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Fashion Police

Dress of the Day: Florence & Fred 60s style daisy shift dress

60s shift dress60s style is coming back in a big way (Is it just us, or do we seem to find oursleves saying that every few seasons?) and we love this affordable little daisy print shift dress by Florence & Fred, which combines a bold print, a mini hem and a Peter Pan collar for a real 60s-inspired look. Wear with heels for summer nights, or flats to keep it casual. Just go easy on the backcombing and eyeliner if you don’t want to look too much like a time traveller…