Two ways to look good at the beach this summer

Swimsuit coverups

Sadly for me, I have yet to master the art of looking good on the beach – or even looking vaguely presentable, come to think of it. No matter how hard I try, I always end up (and on some occassions, start out) looking like I’ve just got out of bed, thrown on a bikini and, without pausing to brush my hair or put on some slap, rolled in a big pile o’ sand. If only I could afford these cute swimsuit coverups. No, they won’t make me look a whole lot better, but at least they’d stop me whining, and that has to be worth something, surely…

L-R Green coverup by Chio, purple dress by Cia Martina,


  • May 4, 2007


    It’s Cia Maritma!

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  • July 27, 2008


    I think the most sexiest thing a woman can be is, confident! every man wants a confident woman, and confidence is the key to looking good,but this doesnt mean you have to be a slim size 6/8 to look good, you could be a size 20 and aslong as your confident, your have every man wanting more!
    ok so you want to look good on the beach.
    wet your hair, add a little wave controll haor product, and blow dry for no longer than 2 minutes! i rely on my make up and i do feel slightly insecure with out it, so i but some cheap light foundation and dab a ting bit on where i feel my imperfections ares, i add one layer of waterproof mascara, and slight touch of the bronzer, i then get hairspray yes this sounds weird but trust me it works, i then spray a light coat of very my face wich then secure my make-up stay in place.
    where a bright colure bikini as this shows youth!
    i also buy an factord oil and rub some on my legs and tummy (untoned areas) as for giving me a great tan this also makes you look more tonned and reflect the light from those jigly bits:)
    hope ive helped

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