Mom jeans go two-tone at Topshop

Well, looks like Topshop are still trying to make “mom” jeans happen:

Topshop two-tone mom jeans

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(Disclaimer: last time we talked about “mom” jeans, some ACTUAL moms got offended and thought we were trying to imply they didn’t know how to dress themselves. There was a lot of “I’m a mom, and I would NEVER wear these: YOU SUCK FOR SAYING THAT, Fashion Police!” Just for the avoidance of doubt, let the record show that “mom jeans” is a term used to describe a particular style of jeans: ones with a high waist, a tapered leg, and often in some kind of dated wash, like acid wash, for instance. No moms were harmed in the making of these jeans, we promise!)

These mom jeans, however, are moms with a difference: they just can’t make their mind up what they want to be. Oh, they know they want to be mom jeans, obviously, but which wash to go for: 80s-style acid wash, or a classic mid-blue? Decisions like this are the kind of thing that can drive a girl crazy, so thankfully we don’t have to choose with these: we can have both! In the same pair of jeans! Awesome!

Why did Topshop do this to these jeans? Your guess is as good as ours, but we’re assuming it’s some kind of attempt to make them “edgy”. Because if it ain’t edgy, it ain’t FASHION, is it? With that said, this whole “mom jean” trend has been going on for a while now, which is surprising in itself. We can’t really imagine looking at this particular cut and thinking “Yup, that’s the look for me!” but then again, we can’t imagine wearing pyjamas in public, or buying an adult onesie either, and yet people do. PEOPLE DO.

What do you think of mom jeans in general, and two-tone mom jeans in particular? Does the “edgy” wash help or hinder their bid to be deemed an acceptable part of the modern wardrobe?

Are mom jeans a crime of fashion?



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    Mi-parti has sadly deteriorated since it first came into fashion in the middle age:

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    Pink Princess


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