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Turned up jeans: big enough for ya?

You know what we hate? What we really, really hate?

The fact that so many pairs of jeans seem to be cut for people with the legs of a supermodel. And yes, we know we can have them hemmed. We know we can turn them up. But seriously, how many people in the world actually are supermodels? Surely not that many?

That’s by-the-by, though. Because what we’d like to know is just who the hell Maison Martin Margiela had in mind when then made these jeans. Look, even the model has had to turn them all the way up to her knees!

OK, we’re kidding. We know perfectly well that these were designed to be worn with turn-ups. And hey, we have absolutely no beef with that! But all the way to the knees? Is she using those things to carry her daily essentials in, rather than carrying a bag?

What do you think, readers? Worth £365 to you? Oh, go on, it’s just a pound per day!

(Click here to buy them.)

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