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Style on Trial: Denim Trim Tunic at Forever 21


Even now, every time we hear the word "tunic", the music from Psycho starts playing in our heads. Oh, how they tormented us last year, these loose-fitting tunics with their "Hey! Let’s make everyone look pregnant!" sense of style. And yet, if we’re completely honest, we would have to admit the tunic is something we’d love to love. No, really: we’re thinking 60s style, Twiggy, long legs, short skirts, big eyelashes… that whole look that’s so fabulous on some, and yet such an unmitigated disaster on others.

We think that’s where Forever 21 was headed with this denim trim tunic dress, but we also think they may have lost their way somewhat with that mustard and denim mix. Perhaps if they’d used a slightly more subtle (yet still dramatic) black and white, we wouldn’t be asking you now: is this a crime of fashion? Or is that helping of extra mustard just your taste?

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