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Trends on Trial: Gingham Print

Gingham print at ASOS

(Dress and capri pants, both ASOS)

Gingham is one of those trends-that-isn’t-really-a-trend. It IS a trend in that it’s everywhere right now: most of our favourite stores are stocking at least one picnic-blanket-printed item, and every day we seem to spot another gingham something-or-other popping up online. At the same time, though…that happens almost every year, doesn’t it? It seems that checks are to summer what coloured tights are to winter. Or what hair dye is to Katy Perry, say.

Still, our point stands: there’s a lot of gingham around right now. And we want to know what you think of it. Does it fill you with glee, or do you just want to spread these items on the grass and throw yourself a picnic on them? Do tell…and if you need more evidence, take a look at our gingham gallery, featuring items from ASOS, Free People, Miu Miu and more:

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