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Trends on Trial: Comic print clothes

Comic books: one the sole preserve of nerds (By which we mean REAL nerds, not people who CALL themselves “nerds” because they think  it makes them cooler than they actually are…), now the very height of fashion:

comic print clothes

Well, OK, maybe “the height of fashion is a bit of an exaggeration. This isn’t exactly a high-fashion look by anyone’s standards, but our officers have noticed an increase in the number of comic-print clothes available from mass market retailers recently. The items shown in the gallery below are all available to buy now, and they cover everything from jewellery and other accessories to trousers, dresses and even underwear. Oh, and it doesn’t matter who your favourite comic book hero is, either – Superman, Batman, WonderWoman, She-Ra: the gang’s all here.

The prints we’re describing as “comic book” range from classic pop art to entire comic strips, with a handful of “POWS!” and “BANGS!” thrown in for good measure. As with almost everything in fashion, this isn’t a new look, and we saw quite a few comic prints last year too, albeit at the higher price-point demanded by the likes of Marcus Lupfer and Phillip Lim.

What do we think of all of this? Well, we actually love pop art prints – to hang on the wall. As for these particular items, we tend to find them a little bit cheap looking, and perhaps more suited to teenagers than grown women, but as we’re sure someone will point out, that could well be because we’re “just too old and fat to wear them!” Quite.

What do you think of comic print clothing? Is it something you’d wear, or do you consider it to be a crime of fashion?

GALLERY: Comic print clothing

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