Crimes of Fashion

Trend Alert: leopard print trousers

The Fashion Police’s eagle-eyed officers have been fighting a crime wave of late, in the form of animal print trousers. Quite aside from our uncertainty over the credentials of animal print as a sartorial choice, the trend seems to be to ensure that this print adorns the least flattering trousers that people will buy. And since so many buy into the diaper look, that’s a significantly tall order!

The Dolce & Gabbana leo print jeans, for example, are in fact a cotton denim, but look so alike in style and texture to the popular moleskin designs of the 90s, you could be forgiven for expecting them to be soft to the touch. And if you really want value for your €455,00 check out the crotch area: the pattern cleverly creates something between a camel toe and codpiece effect, if such a thing is possible!

If you’re on a tighter budget and a fan of the afore-mentioned diaper look, hit the high street, where Dorothy Perkins have come up trumps with their Animal harem jersey pants for £25. As inoffensive as harem pants can be from the front, it’s the rear of these that really gives them that “saggy chic” edge…

So, what are your feelings about animal print bottoms? The Fashion Police strive to treat all animal print items on a case-by-case basis… but we’re fighting the little voice in our heads that consistently tells us to Just Say No.

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