Topshop’s lace bra vest top continues the “underwear as outerwear” trend


  Remember Dorothy Perkin's bustier t-shirt, and how we weren't really "down" with that? Well, looks like Topshop have managed to go one better with their "vest that makes you look like you're actually just wearing a bra", above.

The fact that this garment will be more-or less flesh-coloured on some of us simply compounds the crime here, but just in case that wasn't enough, the lace section on the "bra" is actually see-through, so your own naked flesh will be visible. Oh, and the back features an actual bra-style fastening, to make sure the "LOOK! I AM OUT IN PUBLIC IN MY BRA!" message gets through loud and clear.

Do you want to look like you're naked but for a flimsy lace bra, readers? If you do, this is £28 from Topshop.

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