Topshop’s £22 stripe bardot top

Topshop's £22 stripe bardot top

Topshop’s £22 stripe bardot top

When you’re in need of a quick wardrobe pick-me-up, but you don’t want to spend too much cash, where do you turn? Well, Topshop, of course! Or, OK, ASOS. Or Dorothy Perkins. Or… OK, you got us: we’re really lucky to have a huge selection of affordable fashion at our disposal here in the UK, but it’s Topshop who are selling this split-sleeve Bardot top (honestly, we could live without the split sleeves, but we get that they have to add an “on trend” element in order to appeal to people who care about that kind of thing, so we’re willing to overlook it, and try not to think about how much those sleeves would probably annoy us, flapping around our keyboards all day…), so it’s Topshop we’re shining the spotlight on today.

Seriously, though, how have you managed to live without a stripe Bardot top in your closet? The Fashion Police closet is practically bursting with the things, but the strange thing about that is that, no matter how many we own, we’ll always be able to justify just one more (Or two more, or three…), which is where we find ourselves today. This is, as the title suggests, just £22. and we can pretty much guarantee that it’ll work with most of your existing summer wardrobe. Stripes look particularly good with red bottoms, as shown in the photo (Look, we can’t help being basic, OK?), but they’ll also be surprisingly effective with something like a floral skirt (Try it if you don’t believe us) or just a plain old pair of jeans. This one, however, is selling out fast, so if your size isn’t available online, you might need to try your luck in store – and don’t blame us if you wait too long and they’re already gone!

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