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Topshop ruched side leggings: for that “wrinkled legs” look

It’s Nora Batty’s tights!  Or leggings should we say.  Only the wrinkles in your stockings wouldn’t be confined to your ankles if you wore these, dear readers.  Oh no, in these, you can have wrinkles right the way up your legs!

Now we could very argue that this is yet another example of Pointless Clothing.  Aren’t leggings supposed to be fitted, showing off the shape of your legs, an alternative to tights?  Yet these are none of those things and we were more than a little horrified to spot them hanging in the fashion mecca that is Topshop.  And on closer inspection, we noticed that there are buttons all the way down the side of legs.  Why?  We would like to think that they are for decoration purposes only, and you are not in fact, able to actually unbutton them.  But these days?  Fashion criminals abound and you can never be too sure.

Approach this garment with caution, it may be dangerous.  However, if you do find you like them, you can buy them here for £22.

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