Dress of the Day: Topshop’s linen tulip sleeve dress in lemon and blue


Even although we know anything with even the vaguest hint of an empire line has the power to make us look instantly pregnant, this little linen dress from Topshop is almost adorable enough to make it worth putting up with all of the "Congratulations, when’s it due?" comments. In fact, while we love the blue, the lemon version is just so Springlike that it’s been calling to us ever since we spotted it, yesterday.

There’s just one problem, though: linen. We hate linen. Sure, it’s cool, but you only need to look at it to make it crease – in fact, we’re pretty sure that we can see the bottom of the lemon dress starting to crease right now – which makes it not the most wearable of fabrics, despite being so very pretty.

What do you think? Worth all the ironing?   

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