Topshop in blatant ‘Stuck Together Clothes’ crime

Stuck-Together-Clothes: no matter how hard we fight the good fight against them, still brands keep trying to sell us them. Take this, for instance:

t-shirt with bra

Two-n-One Bralet tee, £24

We’ll start by stating the obvious: if you REALLY want to wear a bra over the top of your t-shirt, just do it. By which we mean, take a bra, take a t-shirt, wear one of them over the other: done. You don’t actually NEED a special “bralet tee” to achieve this look, do you? And yet somehow Topshop thinks you do. They think you wouldn’t be capable of putting this, er, “look”, together on your own, so they’ve helpfully done it for you. And you will pay them for this.

Actually, wait: that’s NOT actually the MOST obvious thing we could say about this item, is it? The MOST obvious thing we could say would be: WHY? Why do you want to wear a bra over your t-shirt? If this garment was the other way around – ¬†with the bra UNDER the t-shirt – it might make some sense. It would be a bit like a sports top, with built-in bra. And, you know, we’re pretty lazy, so we could see the appeal in that: rather than having to put on TWO items in the morning, you just have to put on one – awesome!

The fact that they’ve put the items THIS way around, however, suggests to us that this garment is designed purely for the “I’m so edgy it hurts” crowd. The people for whom wearing their underwear UNDER their clothes (And the clue is in the name, really, isn’t it? It’s call UNDERwear for a reason…) is just SO boring and pedestrian, so they have to do it some other way, just to prove how ahead of the curve they are. We may ever be fashionable, but at least we’ll never have to wear a bra over a t-shirt either, so we’re OK with that.

Oh, and if you do one thing after reading this post, please go to the Topshop website, and read the only review that’s been posted on this item. We don’t know who wrote it, but there’s a place on the Fashion Police team for that person any time…

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