The Bag Lady Look, from Comme des Garcons

Tops with attached bag by Comme des Garcons

For as long as we’ve been arresting Stuck Together Clothes, we’ve also been wondering what depths the designers of such items will be willing to sink too. So far, we’ve seen socks attached to shoes, shirts attached to jeans, underpants attached to sweatpants… there is no item of clothing, it would seem, which cannot be attached to something else. What’s the strangest example of Stuck Together Clothing, though? Well, we thing this t-shirt with attached bag – yes, BAG – has to be somewhere near the top of the list.

This is actually a three-way¬†attachment, and possibly a four-way one. There’s a cardigan attached to the t-shirt, which is attached to the bag, which may or may not be attached to the scarf. In related news, there is no God: there just CAN’T be, or a mess like this wouldn’t exist.

We have so many questions here: how would you get it on, for one? How would you get it off? WHO CARRIES A TOTE BAG AROUND THEIR NECK? Why does it cost ¬£520? OK, so that’s only four questions, but we think that’s more than enough for one item of clothing, don’t you?



  • October 13, 2011


    … And why, for the love of everything good in the universe, would you EVER carry even a normal, non-stuck-on purse around your neck???

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  • October 14, 2011


    It’s not a purse–it’s a feedbag! It’s for the power woman who couldn’t take time to eat. Problem solved, with convenient, hands-free meals.

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