Top Ten: Pencil Skirts

Ah, the humble pencil skirt! It’s a true fashion classic, and we’re very glad about that, because the pencil skirt is a Fashion Police favourite, which adds a touch of sophistication to just about any outfit. We’re particularly glad to see so many of them around this winter: it would be wrong to call the current range of pencil skirts a “trend”, because it’s a look that never really gets old, but if it’s a look that you love, you’ve no doubt been finding it a whole lot easier to create it recently, thanks to the many pencil skirts, in every conceivable colour and print, which have been flooding the high street.

(Special credit here to Topshop and River Island for their excellent work in bringing the pencil skirt to the masses this winter: we appreciate it.)

For this roundup, we’ve imposed a “£100-or-less” rule (OK, there’s one skirt which is £101, but we’re not going to quibble over that extra £1), in order to show you some things you might actually buy, rather than drifting off into Fantasy Shop territory.

Tell us: what do you think of pencil skirts? Do you own any? What do you wear with them?

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