Wanted! J Maskrey diamante heart clutch bags

Wanted! J Maskrey diamante heart clutch bags


I really don’t know why I do it to myself. I mean, I should know by now that if I want to preserve my sanity (and my bank balance) I should just stay the hell away from the Brown’s Fashion website. But no, back I go, again and again, like Britney heading to rehab, and once again I find myself lusting after some impossibly expensive thing. Ok, make that two impossibly expensive things. These diamante clutch bags by J Maskrey are a mind-boggling £615 each (yeah, there are people who pay  £615 for clutch bags. God, I wish I was one of them), so they’re not coming home to Amber yet (or ever, in fact) I’m afraid. But het, at least admiring them is free.

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